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GLC: Governance Structure

The governance structure, outlined below, has been established to support the strategic development of the Gateway Learning Community and to ensure that all students and pupils receive their entitlement to the best possible education.

Fow chart

GLC:  Members

The members of the trust are the subscribers to the trust’s memorandum of association. Members have a limited financial liability to the trust and can appoint and remove trustees.

Members will meet at least once a year at the GLC AGM.  At this meeting members will:

  • Receive a report from the CEO on the performance of the Trust in the last academic year:
  • Agree the annual accounts;
  • Approve the auditors for the coming year.




Ormiston Trust

Peter Murray

Ormiston Trust

Di Murray

Ormiston Trust

Duncan Murray

GLC Board of Directors

Hilary Hodgson

GLC Board of Directors

Maggie Smith

Nominee of the Secretary of State for Education




GLC: Board of Directors Composition

The directors [or trustees] oversee the running of the MAT and determine its strategic direction. They are also responsible for ensuring compliance with charity and company law and the academy trust’s funding agreement. They are accountable to the members of the trust and the secretary of state.

Gateway Learning Community: Board of Directors Composition



Appointment status


Director/ Member/ Chair

Hilary Hodgson

Sponsor appointment

Third Sector, Education, Sponsor


Paul Connew

Sponsor appointment

Finance, Policy, Risk Management


Graham Foster

Sponsor appointment

Policy, Government, Education

Director/ CEO

Kevin Sadler

Ex Officio



Lucy Harris

Board Appointment

PR, Community, Inclusion


Peter Ward

Board Appointment

Finance, Compliance, Risk Management


Lynda Pritchard

Board Appointment



Bronwen Seaton-Wood

Board Appointment







Director attendance at meetings 2020-21

Trustee Meetings Attended Out of a Possible
H Hodgson 6 6
L Pritchard 4 6
L Harris 6 6
G Foster 6 6
P Ward 6 6
B Seaton-Wood (appointed during year) 2 4
P Connew 5 6
K Sadler (CEO) 6 6

Board of Directors Terms of Reference Scheme of Delegation 2021

Register of Business Interests

In a MAT, the board of directors may delegate some of its functions to ‘local governing bodies’ in each or some of the schools. Local governors who sit on local governing bodies are not trustees unless they also sit on the trust’s board.


GLC Committee Structure

Committee of the GLC Board of Directors

Scheme of Delegation


GLC Progress Boards



  • Academic standards for all and groups of pupils
  • Curriculum breadth, quality and compliance
  • Leadership and Management

Half Termly [but not summer 1]

Local Governing Body

  • Pupils’ behaviour, attendance and attitudes to learning [including its impact on progress]
  • Safeguarding
  • Pupils’ personal development
  • Preparation for transitions
  • The well-being of pupils and all employees


GLC Finance Committee

  • Resource management [short and long term]
  • Audit
  • Compliance
  • Risk Management


GLC Equality Steering Group


  • Equality Policy and statutory compliance
  • Disadvantaged Pupils’ Policy
  • GLC development plan priority strand


GLC Discipline Panel

  • Convenes as necessary to hear permanent exclusion cases

As Necessary

GLC Pay Committee

  • These will convene annually [before 31st December in each academic year] to consider the performance of the CEO and Deputy CEO; to make pay recommendations and to set performance targets for the academic year.  See Annex 6, Schedules 1-4



GLC Scrutiny Committee

  • To oversee the appointment of Directors and Governors as necessary

As required


Higher Paid Staff

The number of employees whose employee benefits (excluding employer pension costs) exceeded £100,000 for the period 19’20 was:

In the band £100,000-£110,000                    1         

In the band £110,001-£120,000                    1

In the band £120,001-£130,000                    0

In the band £130,001-£140,000                    0

In the band £140,001-£150,000                    1