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Primary Education

A promise from the Gateway Learning Community: Building Foundations for Success

Our promise to each pupil at the Gateway Learning Community is to strive to provide the best learning experience we can: we aim to challenge, inspire and encourage each young person to try their best in whatever they do and for us to help them to ‘improve upon their best’.

We will engage children in the fun and adventure of learning whether in the classroom, the playground or during the many trips and visits that we aim to organise.

We promise to demand the most from parents and carers ensuring that learning doesn’t stop when the ‘bell rings’. Together we will work to help all children develop as: high achieving, confident, healthy, caring and fulfilled members of society. 

Aims of the Gateway Learning Community: Innovation & High Standards

The Gateway Learning Community will create environments in each academy where every child:

  • is encouraged to dream and to set goals for the future whilst being inspired in the present to work to achieve them;
  • has a sense of belonging in an environment where every young person is valued, celebrated and acknowledged as a unique individual;
  • takes responsibility for who and what they want to become;
  • is disciplined and diligent, polite, considerate, supportive of others, ambitious for themselves, their school, their peers, their family and their community;
  • has a personalised, seamless curriculum from Reception to year 11, that is the product of joint working between primary and secondary teachers;
  • is tracked at every step of the way with rigorous intervention strategies applied as necessary so that they make outstanding progress;
  • can read fluently before the end of Key Stage 1;
  • has a firm grasp of numbers and learns to apply this knowledge in an increasingly challenging and sophisticated manner;
  • can use and apply their ICT knowledge, skills and understanding confidently and competently in their learning and every day contexts; 
  • develop personal and interpersonal skills to allow them to take control of their own learning and development;
  • understands their place within their community and strives to be the best they can be.

Reading, Writing and Speaking: Establishing the Basics

These areas of learning are fundamental to later success and will be a key focus of the Gateway Learning Community.  We aim to ensure that all of our pupils will be able to read well by age 7 and will become motivated readers for life. Pupils will have reading lessons each day in addition to their literacy lesson and will have further support after school as necessary. Teachers will be supported by a range of poets, storytellers, actors and authors who will visit GLC academies. Parents and carers will also be expected to play their part by providing support and encouragement at home.

Maths & Science:  Developing enquiring minds

Pupils will have a daily mathematics lesson. Teachers will ensure that all pupils quickly acquire the basics. We aim for all pupils to be performing well above the National Average by the time they move to secondary school.  Parents will be expected to support at home by reinforcing the basics such as multiplication-tables, telling the time, using money etc.

Science teachers will also ensure that there is a strong focus on science, with pupils being encouraged to question the world around them and use skills of scientific enquiry to analyse problems. From learning about Space to understanding how electricity works, lessons will be planned to arouse the curiosity that all children possess.

Creativity, Imagination & Thinking Skills: Seeing the World in Different Ways

The Gateway Learning Community will provide an amazing range of music, drama, dance and art experiences to help all pupils to develop their imagination and creativity.  Pupils will be given the opportunity to learn a musical instrument and professional performers will visit GLC academies to provide the ‘WOW factor’ that will be remembered for years to come.

Physical Fitness and Development: Fit for Life

GLC primary academies will benefit from a partnership with the Gateway Academy ensuring that all pupils develop the skills and physical fitness to be able to participate in a wide range of sporting activities.  We will seek to develop excellence within a ‘sport for all’ philosophy.

Beyond the Classroom:  Opening Minds and discovering talents.

All Gateway Learning Community academies will provide a wide range of sporting, cultural and artistic opportunities throughout the year.  All pupils will be encouraged to try something new and perhaps discover a new talent or interest.

Inclusion: Every Child Matters to Us

We will provide personal support, including extra-lessons where necessary, for children with Special Educational Needs or those who are not progressing as they should.

There will be special attention paid to the brightest pupils to ensure that they are challenged to the full and are never bored.

Delivering High Standards:  A Fundamental Commitment from All

The Gateway Learning Community expects parents and carers to support each academy in achieving the highest standards.

  • Uniform

Pupils will be expected to attend school each day with a uniform that complies with the uniform policy.

  • Behaviour

We will expect the highest standards of conduct from all our pupils.  Poor behaviour will be dealt with firmly and swiftly so that learning in the classroom is protected and the school community always remains calm, safe and happy.

  • Attendance

100% attendance is the best way of ensuring success at school.  We will insist on students coming to school every day and will put in robust procedures for dealing with those who do not.

  • Healthy Eating

Our school lunches will comply with the Government’s Healthy Eating Standards. They will be healthy, nutritious as well as tasty.  We would prefer pupils to have a school meal but they can provide their own packed lunch as long as they comply with the nutritional standards.